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The purpose of this website is to support our consortium member schools and their districts.

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Unauthorized use will be prosecuted under the laws of the State of Michigan, in the United States of America.


MiCase is a Consortium of Michigan School Districts providing common school information systems. The data contain here is provided and owned by each member school district.

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This website, uses the TLS/SSL Encryption Protocol and cannot be accessed by a browser which does not support at least the 128bit level of this protocol. All modern web browsers support this protocol, and will usually display a "padlock" icon, or some other visual cue, to let you know your access of this website is using the TLS/SSL encryption protocol.

MiCase web application sites are 100% encrypted - not just the login page, but all pages.

The URL's of TLS/SSL websites are always prefixed with the letters: HTTPS << the 'S' signifying the secure protocol.

Consortium Members using this system must login using a strong password. Please see the Consortium Setup page for details about creating a strong login/password.


This website is tested using the current editions of the 4 most common web browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera).

In general, this website will function properly in one or more of the prior versions of each of these browsers; however, we do not maintain old versions of these browsers for testing. We highly recommend that you keep your browsers up to date. Each browser is easily updated, most via auto-update, please use it.

The following links can be used to update your browser... (alpha-ordered):

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer (IE) - discontinued
  • Microsoft Edge - Windows 10 systems. Development stopped in favor of new version using Chromium
    Blog Article of Change
  • Opera
  • Safari - Apple discontinued the Windows version of this browser. Therefore it is no longer tested.

Mobile browsers
MiCase does not test mobile browsers, due to their wide-variability and the cost to have test devices; however, some consortium members have informed us that they can access much of the site using their Smartphones.

MiCase develops our web-applications, using Firefox as our primary browser and then verifies design/function in the other browsers. We do not seek to make the website identical in the other browsers, but only to make sure they function properly. Each browser handles certain functionality differently and in some cases the browser will not view "exactly" the same, yet it will still be functional.


This website uses cookies. If you disable Cookies on your browser, you will be returned to the login page.

  • Are cookies bad? No.
  • Do cookies have a bad reputation? Yes.
  • Cookies are a tool which helps make web pages friendlier. For our purposes we use cookies to help you. How? Well, without cookies you would have to login to "every" page you access... now wouldn't that be annoying!
  • Want to know more? Wikipedia has a good reference. More info is available by searching Google.


This website uses JavaScript to enhance application performance and usability. If you disable JavaScript, your ability to use this application will be severely impacted.

The modern Web (of 2011 and beyond) uses Javascript, CSS, and HTML 4, 5 to provide useful applications to your browser. Turning off any of these is like saying you want to use the Internet of the early 1990's. That Internet does not exist anymore.

Common Issues & Solutions

Common Issues & Solutions

Your District's HR/Payroll department can help!

Employee Portal
  • Locked out? Open the Employee Portal again - or use the Consortium Setup/Forgot Password option to reset your login information
  • Error message that says your data cannot be found? Contact your HR/Payroll Department - they will verify/correct the data, as necessary
  • Error logging in - use the Consortium Setup/Forgot Password option to reset your login information
  • New employee? Your district must upload your first pay data, before you can use the Portal
  • Log in to the Employee Portal - view the help tips/videos
  • Locked out? Log in to the Employee Portal - verify/view your WorkForce User ID - then use the WorkForce Forgot your Password link
  • Did not receive the WorkForce Temporary Password email? Log in to the Employee Portal - verify/view your WorkForce User ID - then use the WorkForce Forgot your Password link
  • You used WorkForce Forgot Your Password several times, and none of the temporary passwords work...
    1) You are now 'out-of-sync' with the emails
    2) Read the WorkForce 'tip' on the Employee Portal called I can't get logged into WorkForce! What do I do now???

If the above tips do not fit your issue, then...
Please contact your District's HR/Payroll department directly.